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1 in 4 of us have signed up to a subscription box


We know some businesses are experiencing truly challenging times during this COVID crisis but one area we are seeing thrive is subscription boxes. Royal Mail estimates that the subscription box sector will be worth £1bn by 2022. (data published 2019, The UK Subscription box boom report). They also estimate that 27% of consumers have signed up for a subscription box – either for themselves or on behalf of someone else.

Here at Commands, in April we saw a 75% increase in the number of subscription boxes we sent out on behalf of our customers. One of the reasons may be the ever-increasing choice of great boxes. Other reasons might include:

  • Through lock-down, we are turning to online browsing and shopping (the ONS published data in May that showed online shopping reached an all-time peak in April 2020)
  • We love new experiences but as we can no longer browse in the store, subscription boxes allow us to experiment with new products and brands.
  • In difficult times, small treats for ourselves make a big difference! Subscription boxes fill this need nicely – a regular gift to ourselves of new, exciting items which together represent great value.

Businesses we speak to tell us the brand benefits (quite apart from the commercial benefits) of offering subscription boxes are pretty strong. They drive customer loyalty; they create and reinforce a positive ‘generous’ brand value perception because you get more for less; the brand is kept ‘top of mind’ so customers perhaps don’t look elsewhere for inspiration. And, it is another personal touchpoint for the brand, providing data that helps brands develop a deeper understanding of customer’s preferences, habits, and behaviours.

Can we help you?

Here at Commands, we have a specialist team that pick, pack, and dispatch thousands of subscription boxes every month. As well as a customer service team that deals with returns and direct customer enquiries.

We currently support customers from diverse sectors including food, clothing, baby, beauty, books, and alcohol (we are a licensed warehouse). Get in touch if we can help you or someone you know with their subscription box delivery. We can help design packaging, source products, and more.

Stay safe all.

Maureen Dunlop