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UK Kitting Customer

“I was very impressed. The warehouse tour helped with our decision. It looked very organised and everyone seemed calm “


Kitting Customer

Kitting, subscription box & product assembly

Commands builds thousands of kits and subscription boxes every month for various businesses.  Our cloud-based warehouse management system accurately manages inventory, tracking individual SKUs which make up the final assembled product as well as any in-box leaflets, instructions, labels and packaging materials.

We can either assemble to order or hold finished products as a unique SKU and dispatch as required.

Our team achieves an industry leading 99.9% accuracy on kitting and product assembly.


Kitting, Subscription box and product assembly service

  • SKU level inventory storage and stock management
  • Pick and hand pack into kits or other products with a unique item number
  • Hold as finished goods or assemble to order
  • Dispatch direct to consumer
  • Palletise and dispatch to other distribution partner 
  • Full QC reporting and accountability 
  • 99.9% accuracy on picked items 
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