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Polywrap for efficiency

Royal Mail and DSA 

Direct Mailing Services

Commands started working in direct mail in 1992. We use our size to our customers’ advantage, focusing on small to medium sized projects which larger mailing houses would find difficult to deal with.

Our unrivalled expertise has helped our customers deliver great results – from print to post.  We are happy to manage the entire process. Our extended supplier network means we can always find competitive partners with just the right expertise, to deliver the highest quality at the best prices and on time.  Other customers supply brochures and printed materials from their own printers for us to dispatch.

Commands works with Royal Mail and Down Stream Access (DSA) suppliers Regional Mail, DX, Whistl, and OnePost to achieve the most cost effective method of posting for your mailing.  We are an experienced direct mail partner with over 25 years experience in identifying the best solutions but to make sure we are getting it right, we will regularly review postage costs and delivery performance with you to ensure that, together, we are delivering the most competitive solution.

We are ISO 27001 certified, which means we adhere to strict data management policies ensuring your data and your customers’ data is secure and throughout the mailing process.


Commands offers personalisation solutions which deliver a more impactful direct mail campaign for our customers. 

Laser printing

Commands can personalise and laser print  your mailings onto A3, A4, A5 and A6, simplex and duplex and in colour with a printing capacity of up to 135 pages per minute.

Inkjet printing

An economical approach to personalising postcards, questionnaires and pre-printed documents.




Commands can auto-enclose a wide range of envelop sizes, including non-standard sizes.

Some more complex mailings require manual insertion, gluing and other processes that cannot be automated. Commands offer a bespoke service for just these occasions. Our in-house team has many years experience. They work fast and accurately to deliver your requirements on time, to budget  and to the standards you expect.


Polywrapping offers a fast, durable, low cost option for mailing catalogues, brochures, books or magazines. Commands offer environmentally friendly polywrap products including a starch-based wrap which is entirely compostable.

Polywrapping is also an efficient solution for protecting mailed items through the postal journey, ensuring your mailing arrives in perfect condition.  It’s a great solution for non-standard postal sizes too. And it’s lightweight. All of which contributes to keeping postage costs down.

We can personalise the carrier sheet or address label and enhance the brand-message by including printed packaging.



We pre-sort the mail before it is collected by Royal Mail which means we achieve significant discounts on Royal Mail’s franking and standard post costs.

Using machine processing, in many cases we can get further discounts by accessing Royal Mail’s Mailmark service.

Advertising Mailing
An advertising mailing is likely to be able to  qualify for an even greater level of postage discount. We would need to confirm with the Royal Mail by sending a sample of the mailing to them, but if you talk to us before you have designed your piece we can advise you on what you need to do to qualify.

For larger items, it can be more cost effective to send via courier than the higher cost of parcel post. 

We can offer a fully tracked service via email and SMS – down to the exact delivery place in the drivers daily schedule and a one hour delivery window with the option to allow the customer to change their delivery slot.


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